Why You Should Only Use Regulated Companies For Electrical Work

If you own a home, business, office property, or even an industrial or warehouse facility, at some point you are going to need electrical work done. While you might think it is a simple matter of getting any electrician out to give you an estimate and then do the approved work for you, it is actually a little more complicated than that. Keep reading to learn why you should only use regulated companies for this work.

The safety and security of both your residents or employees, as well as the physical safety of the structure in question is the primary reason why you only want regulated electric companies working on your property. They are not just brick and mortar assets, but real life assets. You simply cannot put anyone at risk with shoddy electric work. You can even be jailed because of malpractice so its not wise to cut corners to save a few quid.

It is an unfortunate reality that some electricians are not actually as certified or credentialed as their business card or website might say. In fact, there are horror stories about someone calling an electrician in for work, only to call them a month later about something has gone wrong and finding out that they have disappeared and left town.

These circumstances are often suspected to be illegal immigrants, but more often than not, it is domestic citizens on the run under an alias, or more commonly, someone with a little electrical skill but not professionally enough that is just scamming their way through things.

A regulated company like Hvac Instantair.com have lists of electricians that are not only qualified and credentialed, but have passed strict background checks ensuring their skill and aptitude. Their work should not endanger your property or anyone in it. You can also check through the yellow pages for more companies, as it costs to get listed you are less likely to see fake companies. But do a background check, ask for certificates and their company number. If they are hesitant or you have any doubts check this is registered in your local government office.

Furthermore if a company is certified, so is their work more often than not. That will keep you from running afoul of any insurance policies you have over a property in regards to terms and conditions, meaning a claim is less likely to be denied should something electrical in nature happen.

You are also going to stay in compliance with government rules and regulations. The extent of these vary from community to community, but there can be quite a few once you add up municipal, county, state, and national rules you have to stay on top of.

For the sake of keeping your employees and family safe from harm, your expenses as low as possible over time, your property from suffering needless damage, and to keep the many levels of government happy, it is best to only have your electrical work done by certified professionals from regulated companies.