Why Interior Shutters Instantly Improve Your Home

If you are looking to increase the value of your home then it is worthwhile to consider installing shutters inside rooms or patios. There are almost as many types of shutters as there are windows but a little research will give you an idea on how shutters can completely change the look of a room.

Shutters improve Privacy

Shutters once installed will offer more privacy than other window treatments.Blinds ,even when lowered ,can leave gaps where people can see into your home especially at night.When shutters are closed completely they will cut out viewing into your home from all angles.
With split top type shutters you can open the top half which will allow sunlight and air in but still keep the bottom half closed to ensure privacy.

Curtains and drapery need to be drawn back to allow light to filter into a room.A lot of fabrics are very thin and even when the curtain is drawn it may still be possible for someone to see into your room.

Shutters improve insulation

It is a fact that up to 50% of your windows heating and cooling is lost through the windows of a home .In this world today it is important that we consider the most energy efficient way to heat and cool our houses.If you install shutters on your windows it means there is an extra layer of insulation over the windows.

By installing shutters heating loss can be improved by up to 47 %.This will mean that air conditioners are used less which results in savings with power bills .The shutters will also allow less light to enter a room which also results in keeping the room cool.

Shutters allow control of Light

A normal standard shutter with louvers can control the amount of light entering a room better than with curtaining or drapes.

As previously mentioned the less light allowed into the room in the hot summer months will pay off in reduced use of air conditioners. This will result in decreased power bills.
The shutter slats can be opened slightly and angled to block direct sunlight but still allow enough light into a room so that interior lights do not have to switched on.
In fact any amount of reduction in sunlight will cut down on air conditioning expenses.
Shutters give a classic simple home decor look

The hanging of curtains and other draperies normally reflect your own personal taste. If shutters are installed and the color kept neutral then the decor can be altered at any time in the future without an expensive layout. This is particularly the case if you are thinking of selling your home in the near future.

Shutters are easy to clean

Interior shutters can be virtually maintenance free .Use a damp cloth to clean the shutters wiping of any dust.They do not have to be taken down to clean as is often the case with curtains and blinds.In particular plantation shutters with their wide louvers allow for easy access to clean.

Shutters are a capital home improvement.

The IRS allows you to claim the installation of shutters as a home improvement.This can result into tax savings when you decide to sell your home.Interior shutters consistently increase home appeal and value no matter where you live in the country.