Top Maintenance Tips To Make Your Roof Last Longer

The roof is arguably the most important part of your roof but commonly the most neglected part. When it comes to maintenance most home owners concentrate on other parts of the home like plumbing and other amenities forgetting the roof. The roof needs to be taken care of regularly so that it can be able to function as required and last for long. Here are some maintenance practises that can help you achieve this.

Trim trees above the roof
If there are trees directly above the roof you need to trim them so they are not overhead. This is because trees will drop so many twigs and leaves and cause accumulation of debris on the roof. Debris can cause leakage and improper water flow on your roof. It could also block gutters restricting flow of run-off water from the roof. Tree branches could also break off and fall on the tree which can cause major damage not only to the roof but also the structure holding the roof.

Inspect the roof
Roof Inspection Inspecting the roof on a regular basis is important if you are going to identify problems with the roof and have them taken care off immediately. This saves protects you from further damage later. With regular inspections you also get to appreciate the conditions that your roof is in and therefore make plans ahead of time.

Remove leaves and other debris
Ensure that the roof is kept clean of debris. Sweep off the roof to remove any debris on there. Also ensure that there is no mold and vegetation on the roof as this can cause damage and leaks.

Check the flashing
Flashing goes a long way to prevent leaks in the house. Ensure that the flashing on your roof is properly installed and that it is in place. Ensure the flashing around such places as the vents and the chimney is well installed and that the sealant is not loose.

Schedule for professional inspections
Having a professional eye on your roof is really important. A professional roofer will be able to identify impending problems on your roof. They will also notice damages that you might not have noticed on your own like animal damage or inhabitation. When you get a roofer to do your inspections, you establish a good relationship with them and therefore you can have someone to turn back to when the roof has a major repair requirement.

Check for shingle damage
Walk around the house and check on the ground if you can see any signs of pieces of shingles. If you find signs like this then you need to inspect the roof thoroughly for broken shingles or missing ones. Have them replaced immediately because this can cause leakage and moisture penetration into your house.